General Information

Course Fees

You can enrol our courses at all times. We will inform you about starting dates.

Please transfer the course fee until the day of the first class the latest.
We are sorry to say that we are unable to refund course fees after you started a course.
In case of unforeseen circumstances (illness etc.) that make you unable to continue with your course we will provide you with an opportunity to take the same or a similar course within a year at a 70% discount fee.
However, we cannot guarantee that we will always run the same or similar courses as course are run only when the minimum number of students set for the course in question enrols.

Please transfer the course fee to the bank accoun of the 5K Központ Ltd. at CIB Bank.
Account number 10700691-66762614-51100005 

It is possibe to pay for the courses in cash or by postal checque (please make a note of this request in an email).

The course fees for our courses are listed as part of the information about the courses here

Taking two or more courses at the same time: 15%
Two or more courses taken by members of the same family: 15%